Kelly was an awesome massage therapist. She was very professional and easy going. She will ask you about the pressures to make sure your pain tolerance level. The place is nice and clean with lots of rooms for all kinds of therapies. I highly recommended.

Jane C.

Professional and accommodating. Staff are friendly and the service has always been good in my experience.

Danny K.

Go regularly for massage and acupuncture! Everyone is very professional and the rooms are clean and peaceful. Great escape and pricing gets me more massages a year with medical vs other spas. 🙂

Stephanie Y.

I’ve gone there for chiropractic treatment with Dr. Basra. Very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. She was able to treat and pinpoint the source of my aches and pains.

Phillip T.

Cheri fixed my shoulder. This was nothing short of some sort of miracle. I waited a couple weeks to make sure it “took”, and have now booked a second appointment to see if she can do similar magic with my lower back.
It has been years – literally YEARS (like at least 3) – of various diagnoses (frozen shoulder, painful arc syndrome), treatments (chiro, massage, acupuncture) for chronic pain that sometimes was so debilitating I couldn’t lift my arm. I figured I’d just have to live with it. Part of getting older. Things start to degenerate.
BUT – it was really getting bad. Very painful. I figured… I have a company medical plan that allows RMT massages, let’s give it one more go with someone new (AGAIN), because this is stupid – some days I couldn’t even raise my arm high enough to pick up the phone.
So glad I contacted your establishment and found Cheri. I have no idea why she somehow accomplished what so many others before her couldn’t. But anyway, she’s now my favourite person in the whole world.
Thank you forever for fixing me. Quality of life now +10

Jade C.

Maureen has really great experience, knowledge, massage techniques and sincerity towards her patients. Her character is very nice. She’s doing her best for her patients. I’m really thankful for her. I recommend other patients to see her. I am a retired martial arts instructor and have knowledge of the human body, but she knows much more than me!

Cheein Y.

My experience with Jen at Alliance Massage Therapy Centre in Coquitlam was amazing. I had some lower back issues in the past and her massage treatment was excellent. My back feels so much better since the massage. She also gave me helpful information about the holistic view of massage therapy in conjunction with chiropractic care. I became more aware of my posture when sitting and walking, and have started running again. My back feels better and my running fitness seems better too. I am going to see the chiropractor at Alliance too. My thanks to Jen for her professionalism and expertise during my massage therapy session.

Crochet D.