Cheri fixed my shoulder. This was nothing short of some sort of miracle. I waited a couple weeks to make sure it “took”, and have now booked a second appointment to see if she can do similar magic with my lower back.
It has been years – literally YEARS (like at least 3) – of various diagnoses (frozen shoulder, painful arc syndrome), treatments (chiro, massage, acupuncture) for chronic pain that sometimes was so debilitating I couldn’t lift my arm. I figured I’d just have to live with it. Part of getting older. Things start to degenerate.
BUT – it was really getting bad. Very painful. I figured… I have a company medical plan that allows RMT massages, let’s give it one more go with someone new (AGAIN), because this is stupid – some days I couldn’t even raise my arm high enough to pick up the phone.
So glad I contacted your establishment and found Cheri. I have no idea why she somehow accomplished what so many others before her couldn’t. But anyway, she’s now my favourite person in the whole world.
Thank you forever for fixing me. Quality of life now +10